Sportco, an online platform devoted to serving sports fans, is to use a Blockchain-based algorithm to provide rewards for its users.

It is an initiative that has synergies with the community aspect of NetLeaders. Sportco’s audience will be encouraged to share, create content, take part in contests and increase the community size. “We think that the future is based on partnerships between publications and their audiences,” said Sportco’s Anuj Sharma. “Readers should have a significant place in the reward mechanism as they are the cause that drives sponsors to advertise in any media.”

Sportco’s existing platforms are popular in India, Rest of Asia, Australia and the UK. They are characterized by high user demand. Sportco believes it can expand universally by adding a multitude of sports that are popular worldwide.

Its customized algorithm will measure the involvement and exposure members of its community create for the system in every action they perform. Controlling dozens of millions of operations is a complex process and so the technological advance of Blockchain is ideally suited to Sportco’s needs.

Sportco will also launch a token that will serve as a utility, both for rewarding its members and purchasing products on-site that are relevant to sports fans. The token is expected to have tangible financial value since products such as game tickets and sports accessories will be buyable only through the token.

Sportco claims to have more than 500,000 sports fans already engaged, with India, Australia and the UK its key territories.

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