Cryptocurrency enthusiasts are growing tired of the continued slump across all the coins. The vibe around the industry is not especially ebullient at the moment, with news of credit card companies in the USA and Britain banning payments into coins alongside a generally highly cautious approach from governments worldwide.

However, even the longest night always comes before a dawn. Bitcoin is more than just an empty vehicle for speculation. Its protocol development continues to march ahead at a rapid clip, and the Lightning Network — a scaling solution that proponents believe will relieve many of the network’s growing pains — continues to achieve historic milestones even while it is officially in testing.

As for the speculators, there’s plenty on the horizon to excite them as well. Digital payments app Square Cash rolled out support for Bitcoin to almost all US users last week, which will make it easier to introduce new investors to the market moving forward.

Perhaps even more significantly, mobile brokerage app Robinhood plans to add support for Bitcoin and Ethereum trading by the end of the month, allowing users — most of whom are younger investors — to trade cryptocurrencies side-by-side with traditional equities. This new functionality will only support users from a limited geographic area when it launches, but more than one million users have already pre-registered for access. (Source: CryptoCoinsNews)

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