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Blockchain case study: A series of ‘digital handshakes’

When considering Blockchain’s adaptability across a whole range of business sectors, how about looking at this case study? Jessi Baker is the chief executive of Provenance, a software company based in the UK that uses Blockchain technology to build a traceability...

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Blockchain plays role in community-inspired sports project

Sportco, an online platform devoted to serving sports fans, is to use a Blockchain-based algorithm to provide rewards for its users. It is an initiative that has synergies with the community aspect of NetLeaders. Sportco’s audience will be encouraged to share, create...

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Can Robinhood inject life into the crypto sector?

Cryptocurrency enthusiasts are growing tired of the continued slump across all the coins. The vibe around the industry is not especially ebullient at the moment, with news of credit card companies in the USA and Britain banning payments into coins alongside a...

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